The beach of Citara Forio The Ischia

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The beach of Citara

The beach is situated in one of the most characteristic bays in the island below the green  side of Punta Imperatore giving emerald and turquiose reflections to the crystal waters. According to an old legend, its name comes from Venus Citarea, the Godness of Beauty, who was born here form the white foam of the sea, but this place is also famous for its fertile ground and thermal waters. It’s no coincidence that the famous Poseidon Gardens, one of the largest and most famous thermal parks, is here. Citara is famous not only for its clear deep waters, its white fine sand, but also because it is one of the sunniest beaches in the island and, thanks to its western position, enjoys breathtaking sunsets.

Equipped with bathing establishments, bars and restaurants,  the beach offers tourists and locals any services.

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